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Henry Kendall Aged Care

Allity Aged Care

9 Kalawarra Rd, Wyoming NSW 2250

Boffa Robertson Group

Design and Construction


The Henry Kendall Aged Care Facility Refurbishment Project provided a number of challenges for the Greenpoint Project Team. The project was delivered in 4 stages whilst the facility was in full operation.

Greenpoint worked with the Allity Project Team to Value Manage many aspects of the project to align the Project Brief with the allocated project budget.

The works included the refurbishment of the accommodation rooms, Nurse Stations, common areas, all corridors, the entry reception area and external landscaping works.

Greenpoint worked collaboratively with the Allity Project Team to co-ordinate the construction works with the relocation and decanting of the residents throughout the project duration. The completed refurbishment works resulted in an exceptional project outcome, as the project was delivered on time and to the required budget, despite a number of adjustments to the Project Brief and the scope of works.

The transformation of the assisted living facility has greatly improved the level of amenity for the residents, provided efficiencies for the Allity Staff members and greatly improved the experience for visitors.

Greenpoint continues to demonstrate our project delivery expertise in complex “Live Environments”.

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