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Mission Australia - Charles Chambers Court Surry Hills

Mission Australia

11 Hunt Street Surry Hills NSW

Boffa Robertson Group

Construction Contract


The Charles Chambers Court project included Fire Services Upgrade and other associated works to the six levels of the building including the basement.

Prior to commencing on-site construction activities, Greenpoint’s project planning included consultation with Mission Australia and the Architects, Boffa Robertson Group. Greenpoint road mapped the project delivery methodology and staging of the works with inputs from the key project stakeholders.

The Fire Services Upgrade works and other construction activities were sequenced with three phases per floor to minimise the disruption of the facility. This required the Greenpoint Project Team to co-ordinate the management of the residents on a daily basis with the Mission Australia Staff. The residents were temporarily relocated away from the work zones by the Mission Australia Staff on a daily basis and brought back to a safe and appropriate environment that was suitable for occupation each evening.

Greenpoint has extensive project experience with complex refurbishments and services upgrade works in “live” and fully operation facilities. The Charles Chambers Court project is a fine example of successful project delivery in an inner-city restricted “live” environment.

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